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ENG101: First-Year Composition (Nielson/Murphy)

A guide to finding supporting research materials for writing a persuasive paper on FOOD.


NoodleTools is more than just a citation tool. It is a research-management system that can help you:

  • Plan, gather, and organize your research with electronic notecards
  • Make a project to-do list
  • Create outlines
  • Format your bibliography
  • Create citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles and then export them into your paper
  • Collaborate with classmates

To sign up for your free account, click on the NoodleTools database link listed below. For more detailed information on using NoodleTools, click here to go the GCC Library Citation Guide resources devoted to Noodle. Or ask your friendly librarians, Karen Reed or Pam Gautier. Both know the Noodle in depth and would be happy to assist you.

GCC Library Citation Guide

For in depth details and help with MLA or APA citation style, please refer to the GCC Library Citation Help research guide. To access it, click the link below. The citation guide will appear in a new window.

Link to the full GCC Library Guide - Citation Help

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