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ENG101: First-Year Composition (Nielson/Murphy)

A guide to finding supporting research materials for writing a persuasive paper on FOOD.

Find Video and Audio

Documentaries films are a valuable resource for papers. Did you know you can cite films just as you can cite books, articles, and essays? Like books, films require both an in-text and a Works Cited citation. See the Citation Assistance section for more information. In the meantime, use the library's search box to find films relevant to your topic.

Use the search box below to find films by title, keyword, subject, or actor. Experiment with using the limiters to limit your searches to streaming video or to DVDs if you prefer one format over another.

Search for Videos



Streaming Video Databases

You can also go directly into individual streaming databases and browse through the selections available. If you're accessing a database from off campus you will need to enter your MEID and password. Look for the "citation" feature on the Films on Demand database for information relevant to your MLA citations.

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