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ENG101: First-Year Composition (Nielson/Murphy)

A guide to finding supporting research materials for writing a persuasive paper on FOOD.

Strategic Searching

Once you have narrowed down a broad topic to a more focused topic and identified keywords in your research question, it's time to start searching. Use combinations of keywords--mix and match--within individual databases to find relevant sources. A good place to begin is the Gale Virtual Reference Library. As you find reference articles on your topic, jot down more keywords and related subjects found in those articles to further your searching. Don't give up easily! If one combination of words brings few results, try another combination.  

AND searches for multiple keywords within an article.

OR searches for either one word OR the other.

NOT instructs the database to ignore results with keywords you do NOT want.

Click on the worksheet below to see a visual representation of Boolean searching.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

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