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PSY132: Psychology and Culture

A research guide specifically designed for students enrolled in PSY132 with links to databases, books, APA citation, and other helpful resources.

Find Articles

"Search for Articles" searches most GCC databases all at once. The number of search results might be a bit overwhelming, but those results can be further sorted by type. Use the "Search for Articles" box below to:

  • Get a birds-eye view on the variety of results for a topic
  • Find articles in databases beyond the Psychology-specific databases
  • Discover how your topic relates to other fields of study
  • Limit to scholarly articles or magazine or reference by selecting corresponding radio button beneath search box.

To access off campus, simply input your MEID and password when prompted.


Search for Online Articles



Psychology-Specific Databases

The below databases are specific to Psychology. Search results will be within that field of discipline. Use these databases for:

  • A more narrowed approach to searching
  • Psychology-specific studies and topics
  • Scholarly research studies

To access off campus, simply input your MEID and password when prompted.

List of All GCC Databases

The GCC Library subscribes to a large number of databases. These are available only to GCC students and contain information not found on free websites. Browse the GCC database page to:

  • To see the full list of databases,organized by subject.
  • Conduct a more narrowed search in individual disciplines

Journal Finder - Directions

Use Journal Finder to locate and browse a specific publication.

Type in the name of the publication you want to find.

The results screen will show you which databases contain access to that journal. .



Click on the name of the journal to access it. You can then search within the journal, or use the date spans on the right to browse specific issues of the journal. Please note some publishers "embargo" their most current issues for a period of up to a year. That means they do not allow the library user to access the most recent volume of the journal until a year has passed.

Journal Finder

Search for Online Journals and Periodicals


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Featured Journals or Articles

Linked below are examples of current articles regarding cultural psychology. Examples are comprised of scholarly journal, popular magazine, and reference articles. To access off campus, simply input your MEID and password when prompted by the article link.

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