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S.I.F.T. Analysis

S.I.F.T. Analysis aka Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers

About This Guide:

Since we daily confront an onslaught of information from various news/media sites including our social media accounts, evaluating that information needs concrete strategies and tactics for tracing claims to sources and for analyzing the nature and reliability of those sources.  The web gives us many such strategies, tactics, and tools, which, properly used, can get us closer to the truth of a statement or image within seconds -- bottom line, the web is both the largest propaganda machine ever created and the most amazing fact-checking tool ever invented.  Working with S.I.F.T. tools ensures successful truth finding and this guide provides a framework and tools - check out the Information/Media Literacy Tools tab.  To practice your tools, work through the scenario tabs in the following areas:

  • News Literacy (Practice Scenario #1)
  • Algorithmic Literacy (Practice Scenario #2)
  • Evaluation Expertise (Practice Scenario #3)
  • Misinformation Lexicon (Practice Scenario #4)

Good Luck!

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Note:  This LibGuide is a creative work including an amalgam of ideas and words from Michael Caulfield's Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers & the University of Louisville's Citizen Literacy Project.

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