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S.I.F.T. Analysis

S.I.F.T. Analysis aka Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers

News Literacy:

News Literacy Activity:  Examine the value of credible news sources and learn strategies for identifying deceptive stories, including “fake news.”

SUPPORT:  Cick on the Headline to Access the Article

Newspaper Banner and Headline

News Story Subtext



While the headline and subsequent news story to the left turned out to be false, plenty of news agencies and citizens believed the claims presented.  Examine the story while you consider these questions (Note: Click on the Headline to go to the original story):

  • Who is the primary audience for the story? Why might they find it believable? Why might they choose to share it online?
  • What are the implications of believing the story? What are the potential consequences or harms?
  • Confirmation Bias is defined as:  the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories.  What role does confirmation bias play in “fake news" or the dissemination of misinformation?

The following organizations are generally regarded as reputable fact-checking organizations focused on U.S. national news - pick one to counter this headline/news story with truth:

Synopsis of Truth:  What evidence did you find to refute or counter this news story?

Stop--S.I.F.T. Analysis:  Which letter did you find most important in seeking truth?  I=Investigate, F=Find Trusted Coverage or T=Trace to the Original.  Provide an Example.

Use the Padlet Board below to present your findings in the area of News Literacy - Click on the + Sign and Label your Post:  1.  Your Name; 2.  News Literacy

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