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S.I.F.T. Analysis

S.I.F.T. Analysis aka Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers

Misinformation Lexicon

Misinformation Lexicon Activity:  Find definitions for types of misinformation and disinformation, including propaganda, conspiracy theories, deepfakes, and more.

We're all aware that navigating today's online ecosystem involves inevitable and unfortunate encounters with false and misleading information.  Having a solid understanding of the kinds of misinformation we might run into can improve our ability to detect it. This means the deck is stacked against us. There's a lot of misinformation out there, and in many ways, our brains are wired to believe it. That's why we have to maintain critical awareness when reading and sharing information.  As citizens in a democracy, we have an obligation to think critically and make decisions based on reliable information.

Read through this brief and exciting news story announcing the demise of PS5;

Consider the Following Questions:

  • Why did this news story cause a wave of misinformation - what's the truth behind the headline?
  • What type of publication is The Onion - real or fake?
  • What community might be most impacted by this news story's misinformation?
  • Using the Misinformation Lexicon (see link below), how would you define this news story--provide the Lexicon & Definition along with an example?

The depth and breadth of our Misinformation Lexicon provides a foundation to assert that dealing with the problem of misinformation is rampant and relevant in our society. 

Lastly, use Google to research our two bonus terms and how these terms perpetuate misinformation (try a Keyword search) - give us a clue as to what it means:

  1. Motivated Reasoning
  2. Continued Influence Effect

Stop--S.I.F.T. ANALYSIS:  Which letter did you find most important in seeking truth?  I=Investigate, F=Find Trusted Coverage or T=Trace to the Original.  Provide an Example.

Use the Padlet Board below to present your findings in the area of Misinformaton Lexicon - Click on the + Sign and Label your Post:  1. Your Name; 2. Misinformation Lexicon

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