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A resource guide for Accounting students covering library resources, links to professional organizations, tutoring, and more.

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Set Up a Workstation

Students may experience difficulty adjusting to learning at home. To stay focused, learners can set up a workstation with all relevant supplies, such as a laptop, pens, notepad, textbooks, and calculator. This space can help candidates study by providing one location for learning, like a classroom. A workstation also makes studying for online classes more convenient since degree-seekers do not need to leave the area to find materials.


Ask Questions

Transitioning to online college courses involves technology that students may not understand. Likewise, learners may need clarification on course topics. Asking questions in these scenarios is crucial to success. Degree-seekers can contact professors or fellow students by email or forum posts, and schools usually provide additional support services that can answer technical questions. Learners can also contact their advisors for information on topics such as course selection, graduate school applications, and internships.


Manage Your Time

Online learners benefit from schedule flexibility, but without discipline, this benefit can lead to incomplete assignments and poor preparation for exams. Good time management skills are critical for success. Learners should set aside the appropriate amount of time for each assignment, and use a check-off system to ensure they do not miss required work.


Virtually Network with Peers

Classmates can help each other understand course content and provide feedback on assignments like research papers and theses. Some courses may also require teamwork for projects. Students can interact with one another through email, discussion posts, and virtual events.


Take Study Breaks

Study breaks are essential to preventing burnout. Students can take study breaks and re-energize through activities like exercise, family time, or television before refocusing on assignments. Learners should add these breaks into time management schedules to encourage strong academic performance.


Consider Using Noise Canceling Headphones

A good option for anyone who studies in a noisy space, noise-canceling headphones can help you Studying from home often comes with noisy distractions. Noise-canceling headphones can block out these distractions, helping learners concentrate on schoolwork. These headphones are particularly helpful for students completing work at coffee shops or other public places.




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