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HIS102: Genocide Research

Guide supports genocide research for History of Western Civilization 1789 to Present (HIS102) class.

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Key Search Terms and Strategies

Try using the search terms and strategies, below, in the search box, above.  Limit to eBooks books if necessary.

Keep in mind that there are many terms related to 'genocide'. Here are a few:

  • Atrocities
  • Holocaust
  • Genocide
  • Persecutions
  • Ethnic Conflict
  • War Criminals (War Crimes)

If you are unable to find resources using your search term, consider using broader terms or synonyms.  For relatively unknown genocides (ex. Herero Genocide, consider using just 'Herero' as your search term.  Consider alternate spellings and names. Review broad histories of a region (ex. history of Namibia). Check out a background article from one of the library databases (useable in your paper) or Wikipedia (NOT useable as a final source in your paper) for alternate ways to describe your topic in your search strategy.

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