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HIS102: Genocide Research

Guide supports genocide research for History of Western Civilization 1789 to Present (HIS102) class.

In history research, primary sources are first hand accounts of historical events.  Primary sources may be found in a variety of resources such as books & ebooks, library databases, public websites & online archives, newspapers & magazines, etc. 

Books that include Primary Sources from Multiple Genocides (selected)

Book cover from Genocide & Perseuction series.Genocide & Persecution series - Each of the 17 books in this series focuses on a different genocide and includes a chapter containing primary sources / personal narratives as well as an appendix listing other primary sources often available online.  Additionally, articles about the genocide by different authors are presented. Also available in print. Series includes titles on genocides in the following locations & peoples: Afghanistan, Argentina, Burma, Cambodia, Chile, Darfur, East Pakistan, El Salvador & Guatemala, Kosovo, the Kurds, Liberia, People's Republic of China, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tibet, and Uganda.

Encountering Genocide book cover.Encountering Genocide: Personal Accounts from Victims, Perpetrators, and Witnesses

Search for Primary Sources in Books and eBooks

When searching for primary sources in books and ebooks researchers at GCC may find it useful to use the OneSearch box on the library homepage and then select the 'Find Books' tab.  The following 'subject terms' are a list of selected terms that may be useful for finding primary sources in books and ebooks.

[Limit to eBooks before you search by choosing the 'eBook' radio button or after your search by using the 'Online Items' limiter at the top of the left sidebar on the results page.] 

Click on the link to see the results of the search with the term 'holocaust' added.  To search different topics, exchange the word 'holocaust' with a word that relates to the topic being researched. Also, the searches below are for books and eBooks at GCC. Your search may be broadened to include ALL Maricopa Community College libraries or limited to include just online / ebooks.

Other keywords that may be useful for finding primary sources include:

Of course, these searches do not produce an exhaustive list of books that contain primary source material on your topic.  Many other books and encyclopedia on your topic may contain primary sources as well.  Also, researchers need to conduct multiple searches using various terms for their topic.  For instance, searching on 'nazi persecution' returns different results than searching on 'holocaust'.  Also, using these terms in a 'keyword' search rather than a 'subject search' will yield more results thought they may be less focused.

Finally, it may be useful to search more broadly than your specific topic.  For instance, searching on 'genocide' rather than 'holocaust' may return results that include the holocaust among other genocides. 

Search for Primary Source in Databases

Primary sources may also be found in articles published in contemporaneous periodicals (magazines and newspapers published during the same time period as the event being researched). Look for eyewitness accounts, extended interviews, photographs, drawings, etc.

Books that include Primary Sources - Specific Genocides (selected)

The following books and ebooks contain primary sources within them.  Be careful to choose the primary source portion of the text if using these resources to fulfill the primary source requirements for this class.



Check the 'Related Websites' page on this guide for websites that may include primary sources.