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Creative Writing

A resource guide for creative writers.

Submission Opportunities

Want to be a published writer? You have to submit your work. Sending off a manuscript can be nerve-wracking, but like anything else, submitting your writing largely becomes a matter of habit once you get into the groove. Be on the lookout for potential publication opportunities. Try some of these listed below.

Literary Magazines

The Traveler, GCC's Literary Magazine

Submit your work to GCC's literary magazine, The Traveler, which has been in publication since 1968. Categories in flash fiction, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and artwork.


The First Line, open web

The purpose of The First Line is to jump start the imagination--to help writers break through the block that is the blank page. Each issue contains short stories that stem from a common first line; it also provides a forum for discussing favorite first lines in literature. The First Line is an exercise in creativity for writers and a chance for readers to see how many different directions we can take when we start from the same place.


Deadline: November 1, 2022

More information at

2020 Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest

An opportunity from the Virginia C. Piper Center for Creative Writing at ASU.
Details below are taken from their publicity release:
Announcing the 2020 Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest

Judged by Claire Vaye Watkins
Earth is a closed, limited system. And right now, we're living beyond its boundaries. What would life look like if we respected our planet's capacity? How would we organize our cities and homes? How will our politics, culture, and identities be affected by the climate crisis? How can we ensure that a sustainable future is also one that's just?

Submit your short story to our third annual Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest! The contest will be judged by Claire Vaye Watkins—Guggenheim fellow, NYPL Young Lions Award winner, author of Gold Fame Citrus—with a grand prize of $1,000. Submissions must be 5,000 words or less. Presented in partnership with the Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University. The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2020.

Find the full guidelines, read past winners, and submit your work today at

Contests and Awards

Current Contest/Awards

Contest Cutthroat Magazine is accepting writing contest submissions through November 1, 2019.  First prize: $1,300. Second Prize: $250. Honorable Mention: Publication.

Contest - The 2020 J.F. Powers Prize for Short Fiction  Hosted by Dappled Things, a quarterly magazine "of ideas, art, and faith." Entries to this contest are due by November 30, 2019. First prize:$500  Second prize: $250 Honorable Mention: Publication and 1-year subscription to magazine.


Past Contest/Awards

Contest - Hippocrates Prize The Hippocrates Initiative began in 2009 as the Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine. Entries to this British contest (open to Americans) are due by February 14, 2019.  


Contest - The Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards Competition open through October 31, 2018. First-place winners in each category will receive $1,000. Second-place winners receive $500, and third-place winners $250. All winners will be awarded scholarships to the Tucson Festival of Books Masters Workshop, March 4th and 5th 2019, on the University of Arizona campus, following the Tucson Festival of Books. 


ContestChapbook Contest, Autumn House Press Poetry chapbook contest open through November 1, 2018



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