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ENG101: First-Year Composition (Elrobeh) Library Database Searching /Evaluation Paper

A library database searching lesson designed for D. Elrobeh's sections of ENG101

Finding Search Terms

Consider the object, product, or service you have chosen to evaluate and the three different criteria you decided to use for evaluation. Now, take some time to think about words and phrases that are related to your criteria. For example:


Evaluation of: the video game, Portal

My 3 Criteria for Evaluation

Criterion #1 - Visual appeal

Related terms - graphics, design or game design, aesthetics

Criterion #2 - Storyline

Related terms - plot, narrative

Criterion #3 -  Ability to collaborate with other gamers

Related terms - mulitplayer games, gaming community

By brainstorming terms related to your own topic and its criteria for evaluation, you will be identifying search terms you can use in the library databases. Download the worksheet below or just use scratch paper to brainstorm related terms. 

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