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Hotspot Lending Program at the GCC Library

Get connected! This guide has all the details students need to know about the hotspot lending program offered by the GCC Library.

About Hotspots & How to Use This Guide

Welcome to the GCC Library's Hotspot Guide! 

This guide provides students with all the details they need to know about borrowing, using, and connecting to a hotspot. Click on the tabs on the left side of the guide to learn more information. 


What is a hotspot?

Hotspots are small, mobile devices that provide Internet access to smart phones, tablets, laptops, or other wifi-enabled devices.

  • The GCC Library has access to 35 hotspots which we lend to GCC students for free.

  • A hotspot can connect up to 10 wifi-enabled devices.


Hotspot use is governed by the MCCCD Administrative Regulation 1.11 policy regarding the use of MCCCD property off premises, and the District Technology Resource Standards and Acceptable Use policies As an open, unsecured wireless network, “Hotspots” are freely and easily accessible and are unsecure. The Service Provider (Mobile Beacon), Glendale Community College and their officials and employees are not responsible for, and cannot be held responsible for any files, data, confidential or personal information accessed, transmitted, lost or damaged as a result of using the hotspot. The hotspot has no filtering and the borrower is responsible for monitoring what minors may access or view while using the hotspot.

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