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ENG102: First-Year Composition

Resources for success in English 102, First-Year Composition.

Goals for This Library Session

In this library instruction session you will learn:

  • how to use the library catalog to locate and use print materials (i.e. books)
  • how to use the library databases to locate digital versions of authoritative resources specific to authors and literature

Each group will find at least two print sources and at least two database sources focused on:

  • Biographical information on an author
  •  Literary Criticism of that author's works

What is Literary Criticism?

Literary criticism is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as

"the formal study and discussion of works of literature, for example by judging and explaining their importance and meaning."

Find Books on Your Author

Use the "Search for Books" box below to find physical books on the author you have been assigned. Follow the link to retrieve the full Library of Congress call number as well as the status of the book. Status tells a user which shelf section in the library contains the book. If status is a date, that means the book is currently checked out. 





Search for Books



Books & e-Books

Databases contain electronic versions of print reference sources, including literary criticism and biographical information. When using databases sources, look carefully for the name of the original publication, date, and other relevant citation information. Most databases include a citation tool, but these are computer generated and often prone to small errors in capitalization, italicization, and other issues of formatting. Review MLA formatting rules before using a computer-generated citation.

Library Databases -- Complete List

More Literature Databases

Today, we focused on three databases, but there are many more literature databases to explore. The ones below focus on authors and literature. Additionally, JSTOR contains some literary criticism.

Interactive Tutorial

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