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ENG102: First-Year Composition

Resources for success in English 102, First-Year Composition.

Short Story Analysis Resources

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How to Write a Literary Analysis: Links

These web resources contain information on literary analysis. Some also try to sell a product, so please be aware that these are not official GCC pages. 

Story Links for Literary Analysis Assignment

Literary Criticism on Selected Stories

The following articles cover selected short story authors and their styles:


Baldwin, James

Go Tell It on the Mountain: Overview  (Go Tell It on the Mountain - overview of the novel)

An Overview of “Sonny's Blues” ("Sonny's Blues" short story)

Baldwin, James - biographical essay

Cather, Willa

Buried in Plain Sight: Unearthing Willa Cather's Allusion to Thomas William Parson's 'The Sculptor's Funeral'

Harvey's Case: Notes on Cather's 'The Sculptor's Funeral'

Western American Literature - literary criticism on "A Death in the Desert"

Cather, Willa Sibert - biographical essay on Willa Cather

Carver, Raymond 

The Very Short Stories of Raymond Carver 

The Narrowed Voice: Minimalism and Raymond Carver 

Dirty Realism, Ketchup and Things: Bernard O'Keeffe looks at the distinctive features of the Raymond Carver stories that inspired Robert Altman's film Short Cuts

"Where I'm Calling From" - full text of the short story

So Much Whisk(e)y So Far from Home: Misogny, Violence, and Alcoholism in Raymond Carver's 'Where I'm Calling From'

Cheever, John 

The Five-Forty-Eight - essay on the short story "The Five-Forty-Eight"

The Stories of John Cheever - essay on Cheever's style and intent related to his short stories

Transforming Cheever:Three Failures in Reimagination

John Cheever - Biographical Essay

Chopin, Kate

Désirée's Baby: Overview ( "Desiree's Baby")

The Kaleidoscope of Truth: A New Look at Chopin's 'The Storm.'  ("The Storm")

Kate Chopin's "A Pair of Silk Stockings": The Marital Burden and the Lure of Consumerism  ("A Pair of Silk Stockings")

Kate Chopin - Biographical Essay


Faulkner, William 

Spotted Horses: An Overview  ("Spotted Horses")

Overview: That Evening Sun  ("That Evening Sun')

Overview: “The Bear” ("The Bear")

'The Bear': An Unromantic Reading  ("The Bear)

Negotiating the National Voice in Faulkner's Late Work  ("Though Shall not Perish")

William Faulkner - Biographical Essay

Garcia Marquez, Gabriel

The Endless Rains of Death and Desolation in García Márquez's Short Stories

'La Violencia' and Political Violence in Garcia Marquez's Short Fiction

Overview: "Eyes of a Blue Dog"  ("The Eyes of a Blue Dog)

An Overview of 'The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World,'  ("The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World")

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - biographical essay with full bibliography

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins

The Brute Nature of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Herland

Charlotte (Anna) Perkins (Stetson) Gilman - Biographical Essay

Herland - Plot Synopsis and Brief Critical Evaluation  (Herland)

The Brute Nature of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Herland

"When I Was a Witch" - full text of story

"Hysteria, Witches, and the Wandering Uterus: A Brief History, or Why I Teach the Yellow Wallpaper" - online article covering much of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's motivations as a feminist writer

Kafka, Franz 

Kafka's "Bucket Rider": What's It Like to be Rejected?  ("The Bucket Rider")

"Don't Trust Anybody, Not Even Us": Kafka's Realism as Anarchist Modernism  "The Refusal")

"The Tradesman" - online full text of the short story

Franz Kafka - Biographical Essay

Lawrence, D.H.

An Overview of 'Odour of Chrysanthemums'

D.H. Lawrence - biographical essay

Le Guin, Ursula K.

Grinding Axes and Balancing Oppositions: The Transformation of Feminism in Ursula K. Le Guin's Science Fiction

Interview with Ursula K. Le Guin

Ursula K. Le Guin - Biographical Essay

Mansfield, Katherine 

'Blown to Bits!': Katherine Mansfield's 'The Garden-Party' and the Great War

Consuming Beauty: Aesthetic Experience in Katherine Mansfield's "The Garden Party"

Katherine Mansfield - Biographical Essay

Overview: "A Cup of Tea"

Mason, Bobbie Ann 

Bobbie Ann Mason. The Girl in the Blue Beret

Bobbie Ann Mason - Biographical Essay

A Conversation with Bobbie Ann Mason

Girl in Purple - full text of story

Maupassant , Guy 

Guy de Maupassant, Louisa May Alcott and Youth at Risk: Lessons from The New Paradigm of Disability  ("The Blind Man"

Maupassant and the Limits of the Self

Guy de Maupassant - Biographical Essay

"Two Little Soldiers" (text of story)

"Two Little Soldiers" - Summary and Critical Analysis

Maupassant - The Hand

Oates, Joyce Carol

Catatonia and Femininity in Oates's Do with me What You Will  (Do With Me What You Will)

Women and Madness in the Fiction of Joyce Carol Oates  (Do With Me What You Will)

Book Review: Lovely, Dark and Deep - includes brief  coverage of "The Hunter" ("The Hunter")

Joyce Carol Oates - Autobiographical Essay

Written interviews and a Conversation with Joyce Carol Oates

O'Connor, Flannery

On Flannery O'Connor's 'Everything That Rises Must Converge,'  ("Everything That Rises Must Converge")

Toward Convergence through Revelation: O’Connor’s Narrative Response to Jung ("Everything That Rises Must Converge")

Flannery O'Connor: Overview

Perkins Gilmore - If I Were a Man

Schnitzler, Arthur

The Self as Process in an Era of Transition: Competing Paradigms of Personality and Character in Schnitzler's Works

Some Contemporary German Tendencies: Arthur Schnitzler

"Triple Warning" - brief description of Schnitzler's style, with full text of story, "Triple Warning." Open web resource.

Arthur Schnitzler - Biographical Essay

Walker, Alice 

Alice Walker - Biographical Essay

To Hell with Dying: Overview

Tradition in Alice Walker's 'To Hell with Dying' - literature criticism

Welty, Eudora

"A Moral Intelligence": Mental Disability and Eugenic Resistance in Welty's "Lily Daw and the Three Ladies" and O'Connor's "The Life You Save May Be Your Own"  ("Lily Daw and the Three Ladies)

Overview: "Why I Live at the P.O."  ("Why I Live at the P.O.")

A Visit of Charity: Menippean Satire  ("A Visit of Charity")

‚ÄčEudora Welty - Biographical Essay

A Writer's Gift: Interview with Eudora Welty

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