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This research guide is meant to help users navigate resources for Education students.

General Lesson Plan Resources

This section lists general teaching resources and lesson plans. For subject-specific teaching resources, consult ASU Library's K-12 Guide.

Education Apps/ Sites

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Incorporate inclusive teaching frameworks.

Implicit Bias: When different groups of people are subject to conscious and unconscious discrimination, exploitation, and prejudice. Inclusion: Embracing everyone's different traits, while supporting and respecting them all equally. Safe Space: A place where people can express themselves and participate without fear, criticism, or denial of their experiences. Ally: Allies acknowledge the oppression  of groups other than their own and use their privilege to advocate for, and support, them.


  • Avoid gendered language: Use inclusive language such as 'class,' 'everyone,' and 'students' when addressing the entire class.
  • Use correct pronouns: Make your students feel comfortable and valued by respecting their preferred pronouns.
  • Include Diverse Stories: Include people from diverse backgrounds in your examples, scenarios, and stories.
  • Explain Idioms: Make sure you explain idioms to students who might not have the language or cultural background to understand.


Suggested articles and E-books: